Summer fun in the 603!

Summer is here and even though we love what we do, we’re thinking of all the fun things there are to do in NH when we’re not at work! Living and working in New Hampshire allows us a unique opportunity to get away from our desks and enjoy some of nature’s charms just minutes from our backyards.

Here’s some of our favorite:

Hike Mount Monadnock
This mountain, located in Jaffrey, is considered one of the most climbed mountain peaks in the world. Join the 125,000+ people per year that climb this mountain, and take in the panoramic site of all six New England states on a clear day.

Shake Hands with Potential Presidents
Shake hands with as many Presidential Candidates as possible. They’ll be here for the “First in the Nation” Primary every four years stumping for votes. Look for them and sit where they sat in our neighbourhood at the Red Arrow Diner!

Ride to the Isles
Take a trip to the historic Isles of Shoals via the M.V. Thomas Laighton, which departs from Portsmouth Harbor. The isles are steeped in legend and lore. Enjoy the narrated tours and the site of the lighthouses guiding ships safely to shore on your return trip.

See the Clydesdales
Anheuser Busch’s Clydesdales have long been a symbol of the beer plant. Get to their Merrimack facility, and see them in person. On some weekends, you can have your photo taken with these beautiful horses. While you are there, take a free tour of the plant. Stop by our friends at the Merrimack Village Mall on your way!

Get Stuffed at Hampton Beach’s Seafood Festival
Every September, the weekend after Labor Day, Ocean Boulevard is closed to vehicular traffic and open to seafood lovers. Need we say more?

Appreciate the Mills
There are too many mills to mention here, but take a walk through these amazing structures (many of them have been restored), and you’ll find wood floors, lots of brick and the smell of history. For example, The Belknap Mill, the official Meetinghouse in New Hampshire, is the oldest unaltered brick mill in the U.S. It’s located in Laconia. From Portsmouth to Keene, each town has a mill history that stand as a testament to the Industrial Revolution in America. For a complete history, visit the Millyard Museum in Manchester, right in the heart of the Mill district.

Purchase Produce at a Farmers’ Market
The Farmers’ Markets are traditionally held from May through October. You’ll find the freshest produce, cut flowers, and other assorted farm fresh goods at the markets. Many towns are now offering indoor Farmers’ Markets so you may want to check those out too, but we like to wallow in the warm outdoors when we can. Who needs an excuse, really?

Catch Crabs in Hampton
Head to the Hampton Jetty and you are bound to find children dangling chicken “chum” on a line to catch crabs. They usually throw them back but it’s fun to see these little mysterious creatures take the bait every time. Best time to try: Low-tide.

These are just some of the great things to do in the Granite state this summer, what’s on your to-do list?



Gamache Properties Has Moved to 48 Brook Street

We are excited to announce the Gamache Properties headquarters has moved to our beautifully renovated 48 Brook Street building in the historic north end of Manchester.

Gamache Properties has been fortunate to work with many small business owners this year helping them find or expand into new spaces.  Our 2014 has proved to be an exceptional year with an influx of great clients, property renovations, notable charity events and new additions to our staff and family!

We’ve had a wonderfully busy year of growth and look forward to continued success in the future at our new location. Stop by and visit us at 48 Brook Street!

Welcome Ferman’s to the Merrimack Village Mall!

Gamache Properties would like to welcome Ferman’s fabrics and draperies to the Merrimack Village Mall! Formerly located in Downtown Nashua, Ferman’s joined the vibrant community of small businesses in the Merrimack Village Mall earlier this summer.

Ferman’s has been serving north and west of Boston for more than 35 years with custom draperies and upholstery for the home, office and commercial environment. Additionally, they offer a large selection of fine imported silks and designer fabrics.

Visit them today to for a number of fabric related services from furniture upholstery and restoration to custom draperies and bedding. Check out some of their work and contact them at

Why live and work in Manchester?

Aside from being centrally located in the tax-free Granite State, Manchester has a lot to offer as a community to grow both personally and professionally. This close knit community of about 110,000 boasts a welcoming spirit. In Manchester, you are able to live amidst a rich history and culture in neighborhoods filled with dedicated, diverse, and connected people. The resurgence of Elm St. has brought world-class retail, restaurants and nightlife back to the Queen City, along with a vibrant business community in part due to the beautiful Mill Yard renovations.

Manchester-ites have an unsurpassed quality of life. Kayak along the Merrimack River, ride one’s bike downtown, or hike the trails surrounding Lake Massabesic, which is situated squarely in the middle of the city. An hour’s drive north leads to the White Mountains or east leads to New Hampshire’s miles of Atlantic Coast Line. Living in Manchester allows one to enjoy a Red Sox Game at Fenway Park in Boston, just fifty miles south of the city. One will even be able to experience a world-class concert at the Verizon Wireless Arena right in the center of Manchester! Shop, dine, or relax. Walk, ride, or fly- name it, you can do it in Manchester!

Some quick facts on Manchester’s business and industry:

  • More than 200 diversified manufacturing firms call Manchester home.
  • Manchester is a multi-industry city, home to high-tech, communications, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing firms.
  • Nearly 70 percent of manufacturing jobs are in durable goods production, especially those of metal products, electrical products and machinery and plastics.
  • The city’s largest hospitals include Elliot Hospital and Catholic Medical Center. Manchester is also home to Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield.
  • The Mall of New Hampshire is one of the largest malls in the state and encompasses over 1.2 million square feet.
  • Manchester is the business and financial center of northern New England and is home to several key industry clusters, including semiconductors, electronics, aerospace and defense, apparel and textiles, communication services, industrial machinery and financial services.
  • Over 80 percent of the work force in the Manchester Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is employed in more than 2,000 non-manufacturing firms.
  • The Manchester MSA has over 8,000 commercial establishments, including more than 800 retail stores with annual sales of over $2.6 billion.
  • Our businesses are always connected, creating partnerships and vendor relationships that strengthen our local economy.



Questions with Ben

What do you think sets NH (or Manchester) business apart from other business communities?  


There are many vibrant business communities in New Hampshire, but Manchester being the biggest city and central location has a wider opportunity for business to succeed and have a chance to become more profitable faster. 

Has this changed since you became part of the community as a commercial real estate owner or business owner yourself? 


Over the years, the most dramatic changes have come as a result of new technology. As technology has advanced so has the opportunity for businesses to grow and become more successful. Many years ago Manchester was much more of a small town business-to-business community but because of advances in technology, Manchester today is able to be competitive in the industrial global marketplace. 

What would you like to see happen to help the growth of NH business? 


Today Manchester has become more of a college town, which allows us so many more opportunities to become a more industrial, technically savvy community than we ever have been in the past. Manchester needs to take advantage of this influx of young entrepreneurs and innovators and find a way to keep graduating students living and working in Manchester through business opportunities and community life. These steps would enhance Manchester’s future over the next 20 years. 

Have you explored Manchester lately?

You may have noticed downtown Elm Street is looking better than ever nowadays. In the last couple years the Queen City has undertaken a dramatic resurgence by bringing in the Verizon Center, a first class entertainment and sporting arena and the Delta Dental minor league baseball park. The restaurants that followed have made Manchester a dining capital in the Northeast. The success of restaurants like Gauchos Brazilian Steakhouse and Firefly Grill have paved the way for retailers of all sizes to return to Elm Street, benefitting from the pedestrian traffic drawn to the uniqueness of this vibrant New England city.

The work the Manchester business community has put into creating a new Downtown has not only helped Manchester’s economy but made this a great city to live, work, and play. We’re proud to call Manchester home.

The Benefits of Commercial Space

For many small businesses and entrepreneurs the thought of leasing office space may seem daunting and expensive, where working from home seems like the only solution. Gamache Properties is the alternative to large and expensive commercial space, offering affordable office and retail suites of all sizes.

Working from home can seem wonderful at first, but it can quickly transform your home life when the lines between working hours and personal time become blurred. The distractions of family begin to blend into the workday, inhibiting your efficiency during typical work hours and inversely; your work can easily consume the time normally spent with family and friends, leaving you feeling overworked and unproductive.

Aside from facilitating a productive work environment, having office space adds to the credibility and image of your business, allowing you a place to meet clients and focus on managing the growth of your company. Coupled with the flexibility of leasing commercial space that can be customized to fit your unique business needs, the growth of your business can be accommodated with ample space for new business initiatives and additional employees. Many of these features may not be available in the confines of a small home office. The success of any business relies on the strength of its foundation, let us help you find the perfect commercial home to build your business.

Have questions about leasing commercial space for your new or expanding company? Leave a comment or give us a call at (603) 623-4956.

The Right Tools for Growing a Small Business

As large companies across the globe have been slow to recover post-recession, the trend of shopping and obtaining services locally has boomed. Main Streets across America are seeing a resurgence that has combated the decade’s long shift to large box stores and shopping malls.

We’ve seen entrepreneurs in our local communities starting new businesses and thriving. As a family operated local business ourselves, we know how important having the right tools while starting out can be for a business to grow.  Part of these tools include finding the perfect home for your business, whether that be a retail store front with heavy walking traffic nearby or a customizable office suite close to your customers.  With this mindset, we set forth to insure that all of our tenants have the tools they need to succeed.  Our properties are located in prime retail and commercial locations within the greater Manchester areas and can be customized to fit your unique business needs at an affordable price.

Having the right tools and support system while starting a new business or expanding a current one can make all the difference in the growth of a business, let us help.

Help Us By Being A Champion for Easter Seals NH

As a member of the Easter Seals NH Board of Directors for more than 15 years, I’m proud to share that Easter Seals NH provides services for people with disabilities and special needs, impacting the lives of more than 11,000 people each year. Easter Seals NH offers more than 90 programs reaching those in need of all ages and needs, from child services for autism and early intervention, to Veterans Services, Substance Abuse Services and Senior Services for adult day care and Alzheimer’s disease.

This month, I am working towards a fundraising goal of $5,000 that will go to providing services like therapeutic programs for children with Autism to wheelchair accessible rides to seniors in our community who need help getting to their doctor’s appointments.

Please consider helping me in my fundraising goal to help Easter Seals NH continue to offer these essential programs to those in our community most in need. For more information and to make a donation please see my Easter Seals Champion Page here.

Questions with Ben

Every month we’ll be asking Ben Gamache questions about Real Estate in Manchester. Today is our first installment of Questions with Ben. We hope you get to know Ben and his family, as well as Gamache Properties better. Let us know if you have any questions you’d like Ben to answer! 

How did you get started in commercial Real Estate? 

Well when I was growing up my father owned apartment buildings and I would help collect rent and fix up the apartments for rent. As I grew older, I wanted to own my own buildings. One day I saw a 6 family on Lake Ave that I was able to buy for no money down because the owner was going to have a second mortgage. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to get started on my own. So I went down to St Mary’s bank to apply for a loan and everything seemed great. About 2 weeks later, I received a call from that bank saying they couldn’t lend me the money. I was shocked, I had renovation plans waiting to start and didn’t understand the issue. So I asked the bank manager why they couldn’t loan me the money, and he said “Mr Gamache you have to be eighteen years old to sign a mortgage.” I was only 17. Four months later when I turned eighteen I bought the building, which became the first of many.

What has changed since you started at 17 years old? 

Manchester’s population has grown and downsized and grown again into a wonderful city that offers so many amenities to a new generation of young adults graduating in the NH area. I see a different type of clientele that lives here in Manchester than was here in the early 70s and 80s.